Rental Car

The minimum age and driving experience

Minimum age of renter must be at least 21 years. Driving experience and it should be a minimum of 2 years. To make a contract you need to have the original of your passport and driver’s license valid in the territory of Ukraine. Ukrainian citizens also need to have an identification number. The landlord has the right to refuse registration of the lease, if the age / driving experience is less than the required tenant, as well as in the case if the tenant has a warning associated with the violation of traffic rules in the last 2 years.

The driver, made out in addition, must meet all requirements of the tenant and have all the necessary documents.

Rates for rental

The tariffs for car rental include maintenance, insurance, third party liability (GO), but do not include the cost of fuel. Rates per night are charged at the rate of transmission of the vehicle for use by a client for 24 hours. If the extension of the lease has been agreed in advance and delayed the return of the car renter Bol than 2:00, the rent charged for the next day in full size. When renting a car for a period of 1 to 3 days maximum mileage must not exceed 300 km per day, in excess of this limit shall be charged an additional fee of $ 0, $ 20 for each kilometer. When renting a car for a long period, the fees provided for discounts. For issuing and receiving a car on Saturday and Sunday, the customer pays an additional UAH 100.

Payment is made according to the exchange in local currency at the date of payment.

Security deposit

When signing the rental agreement leaves the Landlord Tenant security deposit for the car. The size of the deposit depends on the model of the vehicle. If all conditions of the contract security deposit back Tenant immediately after the return of the vehicle. If you pay for the card, the amount of security deposit in the account is blocked at the client according to the lease.

Issuing and receiving a car

Issuing and receiving a car manufactured in the company’s office at the address: Str. Sribnokilskaya, 22. Possible transfer.

Cost of delivery / return car:

within Kiev $ 20

Airport $ 30;

after hours, weekends and public holidays:

in Kiev $ 30

Airport $ 40.

In issuing and receiving a car on Saturday and Sunday, an additional 100 USD.

Additional Equipment Car

For quick and easy movement around the city you can take a GPS navigator with detailed map of Ukraine.

The cost of renting GPS Navigator $ 5 per day.

If your itinerary with your children, we equip children’s car seat. Its cost is also $ 5 per day.


Gasoline (petrol) is not included in the payment for the rental car and paid for the tenant. When you return the vehicle fuel level should correspond to that which was at his extradition. The missing fuel at the rate paid by the lessee specified in the contract.

Using a rental car outside of Kiev

Tenant may use the leased vehicle just outside of town in Kiev, Ukraine, to travel around without making an additional deposit / payment. In the event of an incident, accident, accident or damage to the vehicle, injury, property damage or robbery, the lessee shall pay all costs necessary to transport a car in Kiev, the temporary storage of the vehicle and, if necessary on a temporary minor repairs, etc . etc.

Occupier’s liability

In the case of theft of the rented car, his injuries, fire and other malicious acts, or of the tenant, as a result of which was damaged rented vehicle or property located therein shall be liable to the tenant under a contract of insurance to the amount of security deposit. In case of accident the Lessee to the Lessor shall provide the whole package of relevant documents concerning this accident from the traffic police (militia).

The lessee is also responsible for the technical and operational condition of the car for the period of its lease. If the accident or damage to the rented vehicle the Renter committed while intoxicated, or for any breach of contract and gross violation of traffic regulations, Tenant shall reimburse themselves all costs associated with removal of damages resulting from accidents, as well as compensation for the damage.

In some cases, if paid in the amount of security deposit less than the amount of the insurance deductible, the Tenant makes an additional payment to the Lessor.

All administrative fines, committed during the rental car is fully borne by the tenant. In the case of the arrival of the Administrative Regulations on the car, which was on loan to the period specified in the contract, the lessor transfers all of the documents (contract hire car, Resolution, receipt, etc.) in the STI of MIA. After that, the tenant in a certain period of time the legislation is obliged to pay fines issued by the roots and give the landlord paid receipts in 5 days.


In the event of any incident: accident, accident or damage to the vehicle, injury, property damage or robbery, TENANT REGARDLESS OF GUILT FOR PROIZSHEDSHEE MUST call the police / traffic police and immediately inform the landlord about the incident (not later than 24 hours after incident). Otherwise, the renter is fully responsible for what happened.


In case of loss or theft of documents from the Tenant to the car, keys, public rooms, the amount of damage to the vehicle to restore the damage is subtracted from the security deposit Tenant.