Lexus LS460 in the fourth generation of self-sufficiency and gained valuable confidence rose in line with German competitors. Moreover, in some respects it surpasses them.


If you remember when there was the third generation of a large Japanese sedan, evil tongues have branded it as a parody of the legendary “140th» Toyota, in particular, the separation of Lexus all the time on the site they did not stop and now demonstrate the fruit of the sweet original concept – the new LS460. From now on, no one can criticize the lack of a model of style and copy ideas. LS460 – the very identity.


Recall the concept of Lexus, called L-finesse, suggests that in the car all must be perfect. We must give the manufacturer: using within the L-finesse uncompromising technology, he manages to keep the trade-offs (including product quality) price. But back to the LS460. Is the new Lexus sedan according to the original concept has no flaws?


The model grew (plus 15 mm in length, 45 mm in width, 45 mm in wheelbase), but by facilitating the silhouette is impossible to see. Body of the car is smooth conjugation, plastic is that it seems as if LS460, even standing on the ground, rushing forward.


The Japanese have reacted with great attention to the elaboration of body parts. For example, one-piece chrome bezel windows – no seams! And polished chrome hand – so shiny and he has such a tender. The headlights are also outlined with chrome, the lens optics made of polycarbonate, again handled by human hands. Paintwork perfect – here used the double hand-polished.


The manufacturer claims that the Lexus LS460 is the lowest level of noise and vibration in the classroom, as well as the highest torsional rigidity – up to 30% higher than that of the third generation. More obvious – the build quality. Gaps between body panels are minimal. And surprises claimed drag coefficient – just 0.26.


I opened the heavy door, a little clapping her on closer working. Taken to the realm of wood, leather, plastic and other than great music. Lexus LS460 can offer very high quality sound system in the class (as an option). Called the Mark Levinson Reference Surround. 19 speakers give out a sound output of 450 Tues


However, even the regular 10 columns are able to please the music lover. If the sound is clean, the cabin was silence. Even if you are on the road with a decent rate, you can talk in a whisper. To hear the motor, have to strain your ears – mellow baritone is captured only at high speeds. Ensure outstanding quality sound insulation can be, opening a window – it immediately burst cacophony of sounds of the city. The contrast striking.


The global climate system responds quickly to temperature changes associated with the planting of people in the room, – an infrared sensor located in the ceiling, it monitors the fluctuations in the six areas, including the four passengers. The simplest example: if you got into the LS460 from the cold, the flow of warm air in your area immediately skyrocket. Behind the warm yourself quickly – there is more in the ceiling blowing nozzle.


Inside the LS460 cozy interior is a peaceful classical style. The high center console and the window shield line from the bustle of the outside world. The materials can not complain about finishing, as well as to the quality of the assembly. The gaps between the parts are reduced compared to its predecessor by more than half and in some cases make up only 0.5 mm. Electric drives are everywhere, wherever possible. All seats with ventilation and massage function here offer only long wheelbase version.


High class car is confirmed in the cabin, again, small things. For example, all motors are working at the same volume, and, moreover, in one key; and cavities compartment lid are opened at the same speed and equally soft. Highlighting areas of space salon in series and just the right moment. A key and switches on the center console have different feedback very tight – button safety systems.


Ergonomics of the driver’s seat did not cause any problems – all at your fingertips, no problems when we first met with the machine does not arise. In addition, the monitor is equipped with a multimedia system function touch screen, which greatly simplifies the communication with her. With a few layers of noise and vibration control is working a new 4.6-liter V8, the focus of high-tech (I must say, such a focus in the LS460 is ubiquitous). Motor power is 35% higher than its predecessor, while torque – by 10-30% over the entire range of work. The cylinder block is cast from aluminum alloy, hollow camshafts. System used variable valve timing on inlet and outlet Dual VVT-I; curiously enough, the drive in it – electric. Even more interesting is designed fuel injection D-4S. On each cylinder has two nozzles, one – in the combustion chamber, the other – in the inlet channel. Thus, the engine combines the advantages of direct injection and distributed, hence the best flexibility and fuel efficiency. At idle, only used direct injection. When working at low and medium speeds work, both injectors. And if the engine gets out “in the ring”, is activated only direct injection, which contributes to more complete combustion and provides additional cooling of the cylinders.


The engine runs smoothly, quickly unwinds and tells the car a decent acceleration. Of course, there is an eight-thank (plus reverse gear) automatic transmission. So many steps there are no more nor a single machine, which today are fitted with passenger cars. In this case is comparable in size to six-Automatic previous-generation LS, the hardest at 10%, but is able to digest the torque by 22%.


Acts “automatic” flawlessly. Switches without shocks and delays in any mode. Ratios approximate, so the thrust is always enough. If you need more, we need only to drown the accelerator pedal a little bit – at lightning speed automatic transmission drops a couple of steps down and the subsequent wave of acceleration. And “machine” can include transparent to the driver’s “neutral” when you stop – even if the selector is in the Drive.


The manufacturer claims that the rate of switching from the previous LS increased by 41% and is 0.35 seconds. And if you do not compare to the previous generation model, and with these competitors? Here, too, ahead of Lexus LS460. Neither the 7G-tronic from Mercedes-Benz, no conventional six-speed “automatic» Audi and BMW can not boast such a cool job. By the way, eight-step scheme can be considered topical. The intention to issue such an automatic transmission has recently announced the company ZF, and its “automatic” and then will need to adopt many of the automakers.


Behind the wheel resting LS460. Air suspension, fitted with shock absorbers with adjustable stiffness (AVS) and the ability to change the position of the body, perfectly fulfills any profile of the road. If you set the suspension in comfort mode, the machine is to relax, the reaction will become less transparent. You drive like a hovercraft. However, it does not care about second-row passengers, the main thing for them – comfort.


When you switch to Sport mode rigidity in the suspension did not show up. Just in general, the behavior of the machine will become more clear and collected. Suspension damping great banks of a large body. Thus, when cornering the sports mode, the difference in the stiffness of the external and internal shocks increases by 20%. In the LS460 can attack the turns and getting on the combat operations of such great fun. In the course of this sedan, comparable to the giant class thoroughbred coupe Gran Turismo, nothing to do with the “sofa on wheels.” The new LS460 performs all of the “excellent” – and athletic exercises, and executive function. The dynamics is impressive. From zero to 100 km / h the car accelerates in 5.7 seconds. From 80 to 120 km / h – in just 4.7 seconds. A quarter-mile passes in 13.8 seconds – inspiring respect for the figure.


In the steering control scheme is applied with a variable gear ratio. This is a further development of ideas, which debuted on the sedan GS. At low speed steering-wheel from lock to lock 2.5 turns will, and if you overclocked on the track, then this figure could rise to 3.6. In contrast with Active Steering, the proposed BMW, Lexus scheme operates seamlessly to the driver. When sitting behind the wheel does not know what gear ratio is constantly changing, it is and it never comes.


All of Lexus LS460, responsible for the movement of the vehicle, subject to the same – VDIM. It can not be disabled. VDIM is working on small degrees of rudder controls the traction wheel brakes. Its action quickly. And if you did not intentionally put a sedan in a difficult situation, it is likely, and do not feel that VDIM watching you.


Lexus LS460 as a driver unloads. The car adjusted to it, read the desire to become comfortable and dynamic, inflame or cool. Electronic systems, which is stuffed LS460, working in complete harmony with each other and with the support of design solutions create an environment as friendly to humans. For this, and struggled.