Mercedes GL 550 – a car for the gourmet. Anyone who rents Mercedes, can enjoy all the features of a luxury car. And the power of the motor, and a luxury saloon, and respect, which is this mighty beast! On the one hand, this is a real SUV with unmatched power of the engine, independent suspension system to increase ground clearance and other useful chips!

On the other – a sin to drive a luxury car on the road! Much nicer to enjoy the opportunities that it shows on the right track. Velocity features Mercedes GL 550 is so great that limits their electronics at 240 km / h. More – it’s an airplane! Intelligent Automation takes care of security and take measures to avoid accidents.

Have a nice trip! Enjoy!

Features: Options:
Year: 2008 Air conditioning: 38
Color: black Stereo CD/MP3: 40
Engine: 5.5 Central locking system: {| Option | 27 |}
Power: 388 hp Electrical: 44
Number of beds: 7 Hydro: {| Option | 21 |}
CAT: automatic Fog lights: 48
Body type: SUVs Leather seats: 50
Fuel consumption (100 km): 14 l Toning:
Fuel tank capacity: 100 l Alloy wheels: