Minimum order is 3 hours + 1 hour (delivery vehicle). Prices are subject to “day” includes 8 hours of driver. The cost of fuel and driver services are included in the price. View the price.

You are going on a long trip, but for some reason you can not go to his car and forced to leave him in his garage. Do not worry and think about how you will live without a car! Today, not only in Western countries, but also on our home soil, including in our glorious city of Kiev, spread such a wonderful service as a rental and car hire with driver. Car rental service is very relevant, because the life of modern man is a series of various business and informal meetings and negotiations with business partners and a variety of trips, both the city and beyond.

A car with a driver requires mobility and efficiency. You celebrate, relax, do business or meet escorts people close to you or the guests – we work for you. Do not worry about the details, in which you can rely on us.

Pledge your confidence in Kiev – our drivers, who quickly and confidently guided in such a metropolis. With them you’ll be able to see anew our capital! Work only experienced and professional drivers who are responsible for their passengers.

Rental cars with drivers are guaranteed to provide our guests with a positive mood in Kiev, a fascinating pastime and the success of a business trip.

For you – a decent selection of brand new cars.

On our site you can quickly pick up a car to suit your needs. Order by renting a car in minutes. You only need to call us or place an order to deliver a car right on the page of our site, specifying the date, time and place of filing a car, your contact information.

All your wishes will be taken into account, and we’ll show is always the best option to meet your goals and priorities. Car rental in Kiev around the clock at any time of year. Using our services just once, you will become our regular customer.

Our goal – to save time, our customers, guaranteeing them the convenience of movement and comfort during the trip!